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Empire City Watersports Testimonials & Jet Ski Rental Reviews

Had the BEST time! We had an incredible guide and felt safe the entire ride. Highly recommend doing the TOUR and getting photo package so you can get shots while you’re out there. What a cool way to see the city!! Thank you all!

– Lauren Seely

ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS. Great staff, very friendly and flexible. My girlfriend and I had the time of our lives. VERY MUCH WORTH IT

– Joseph Radigan

Jet skiing around Manhattan, The Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn was by far the most unique experience I’ve had in NYC and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with Empire City Watersports.
The staff were all so kind and accommodating from the start. Deb was responsive with my emails and phone calls, Vlad helped us get all set up, and Demetrius took us out in the water for a 90 minute tour – it was a blast!
If you’re looking to see NYC in an unconventional way and have an awesome time riding jet-skis with the best staff around, look no further. Empire City Watersports is the best!

– Sarah Yaffe

Great staff, super new equipment, and overall, an amazing experience jet skiing under the Verrazano Bridge! Highly recommend.

– Aleksandra Jurgowksa

WHAT A BLAST! We had an inexperienced party of 3 and had an AMAZING TIME! Couldn’t have asked for a nicer, more pleasant tour guide than Gerry and the entire staff was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Never ever felt rushed or uncomfortable at all the entire tour. Visited Downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Absolutely SURREAL! Gerry was more than happy to help us take HUNDREDS of photos which is just above and beyond any other Jet Ski rental place that charges you for their own photos that may or may not come out good. All the equipment was spotless and their business model is as good as it gets. We are all NYC natives and never ever thought this city would look so unbelievably stunning in the open waters! If you’re undecided about which Jet Ski Tour company to go on, DO NOT HESITATE to come here! Will definitely come back next season!

– Wesley E.

This was absolutely brilliant, been on jet skis twice before but nothing will ever top this. Such a buzz flying along underneath the Verrazano bridge and then seeing Jersey City, Statue of Liberty and then southern Manhattan appearing as you start turning the corners. Turned a little too quick and dunked my wife and myself into the Hudson but even that was memorable! Security was nuts that day as Obama was speaking in the UN so couldn’t head up east river, can’t really blame that on the guys. Highly recommended alternative fun way of seeing New York, thanks to Jason who brought us round and was brilliant. cheers

– Capallbasco

This was the best experience ever. Our guide was so wonderful. Anyone looking to tour nyc in a different way should definitely call this guy. The tour is not rushed, very comfortable and fun. Great customer service friendly safe.

– Jessica M.

If I want the NY experience the real deal, try this place out. Pulling up to the place u get the feeling of Staten Island. A couple gritty guys standing around just chilling. They are truly NY’ers but truly friendly. They want u to have a great time and they deliver. New jets skis and a clean club house starts the experience. They offer u everything from water to snacks to grapes. We took an hour and half tour to Coney Island and had a great time. They always focused on safety but left the reins loose enough so u could enjoy yourself and feel unrestricted. Would def do this again and I really recommend it.

– Jason L.

What a great experience!!!! Wow!!! I went there twice already and both times the tour was amazing!!! Jerry is awesome. He started our day with a little instruction just to make sure we would be safe on the water. Then we headed towards the Statue of Liberty. Phenomenal view. We went up to GW Bridge and back to Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridge. Then we headed to Verrazano Bridge and let me tell you something. The way he handled our tour was GREAT!!! What’s better to see NYC from water. Even though whole my body is sore, it was worth of trip and every dime paid. I would recommend this tour to everyone!!! Great job Jerry…!!! Thank you so much and you will see me again soon back to the jetski!!!

– Sam J.

What a great time. Jetskiing around NYC is definitely something everyone should do once. But don’t get out of line or Jerry Might yell at you. Still a fantastic time. Need to get me a jetski after this.

– Eugene S.